Nollamara Primary Schools' vision is:
'Together we strive to provide opportunities and empower our students to reach their social, emotional and academic potential through inspiring them in a safe and supportive environment'

Staff are committed to working collaboratively to develop and deliver highly effective and engaging teaching and learning programs. Our learning environment is flexible and supportive of new pedagogies and whole school initiatives. We ensure that every student’s success is driven by the positive relationships forged by everyone within the school and each child is recognised and supported, individually.

Absentee Form

Any absences need to be advised to the school. Please complete the form if your child will be away from school


Nollamara Primary School, established in 1956, is an Independent Public School with an Intensive English Centre program, enrolling students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Nollamara Primary School uses Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) as a major instructional focus. Our lessons are strategically planned and we explicitly teach new concepts to mastery.


Nollamara PS promote meaningful relationships between parents and teachers with the shared goal of maximising learning and wellbeing outcomes for students.


Enrolment to attend Nollamara PS follows a simple process but may vary depending on where you live. We accept enrolment from International Students and visa holders.

Class Structure

Nollamara Primary School

Students are placed in age appropriate classes and consideration is given to prior educational background. Within each year level there are two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

The student’s level of English language proficiency at the time of enrolment in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening determines which phase a student will be placed in as well as previous schooling information.









Our Mission

Nollamara Primary School

At Nollamara Primary School we are on a journey towards ensuring we achieve excellence as a staff, for our students and for the wider community. Our ‘REACH’ values of Respect, Excellence, Acceptance, Compassion and Honesty, guide our daily ‘way of being’ at Nollamara Primary. Being culturally inclusive, we empower our students to progress and feel proud of their achievements.

Nollamara Primary School

Vison & Values

Our Vision

We strive to enable every student to reach their academic, social and emotional potential whilst becoming valuable members of our global community.

Our Motto – Progress With Pride

The school motto, ‘Progress with Pride’ was developed in the 1950s and the logo incorporates the kangaroo paw, a significant plant which grew naturally around the school. Students and staff are encouraged to strive to achieve with pride.

Our Values – REACH

Nollamara primary incorporates Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to improve academic and behaviour outcomes for every student. PBS emphasises agreed expectations for student and staff behaviour and uses data to guide practices across the entire school, in every class, every day.

  • Respect. We are well mannered, friendly and acknowledge the rights of others.
  • Excellence. We take pride in our work, ourselves and model positive behaviour throughout the school.
  • Acceptance. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our school community; we include everyone and work with anyone.
  • Compassion. We are kind, help others and consider their feelings.
  • Honesty. We take responsibility for our actions and endeavour to make good choices.


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Nollamara Primary School

Progress with Pride

Respect · Excellence · Acceptance · Compassion · Honesty