School Policies

Nollamara Primary School

Homework Policy

Homework at Nollamara Primary is designed to supplement, through revision, classroom learning outcomes and to foster parent involvement in their child’s education.  Early childhood teachers seek parental support with extra home reading (for pleasure).  Middle primary teachers usually request support in routine areas such as English (spelling, pleasure reading), minor project work and tables.  Upper primary teachers may ask for more formal type work.  The school’s homework policy has been developed in consultation with teachers and parents and has been endorsed by the School Council.

Arrival & Departure Times

We encourage students not to arrive at school before 8.30am unless they are attending our Breakfast Club program. Students need to be collected at 2.50 pm. Our gates are locked at 8.45am each morning, so please come through the office if you arrive after that time to collect a late note.

School Dress Code Requirements

Nollamara Primary has a school uniform of red and green colours. Should you wish to view or purchase any items you can do so at the office.

Footwear. Sandals or track shoes or similar enclosed shoes (with socks) provide greatest protection.

Dress. School colours are green and red. Students wear red shirts and green pants / shorts / skorts and jumpers. Please do not allow your child to wear slogans or brand.

Hats. The dangers of skin cancer are fully documented. Wearing hats whilst involved in outside activities is compulsory throughout the school year. Appropriate hats are available for purchase from the front office at a cost of $7.00. It is recommended that students representing the school wear the correct hat. Students who do not have a hat will be asked to sit on the veranda during break times.

School Dress Code Requirements

To encourage safety awareness in students, pride in appearance and tidy presentation, the following items are also considered to be part of the School Dress Code:
Jewellery Watches and Medic-Alert bracelets are permitted.  No necklaces or bangles or similar adornments.  Earrings – studs or sleepers only.

Hair Length If shoulder length or longer, hair must be tied up or back.  This will help in the control of head lice.

No make-up is to be worn to school

Valuable Items

Children should not bring valuable items to school.  Mobile phones must be kept in the office during school hours.

Lost Property

Articles of clothing left around the school are placed in a lost property basket.  Unclaimed items are laundered and used in case of emergencies.  Parents can help by ensuring that items of clothing which children tend to remove (hats, jumpers etc.) are clearly marked with the child’s name.


If your child is sick please contact the office on 08 9413 1550 before 9.00 am so we can mark your child as a notified absence. If we do not get notified you will receive a SMS message advising you that you child is absent from school.

If your child has been away from school for any reason, please write a note to the child’s teacher explaining why your child has been away.  If your child has been sick and has been seen by a doctor or visited a hospital, please send the medical certificate to school when the child returns.  Please note this is a legal requirement in the Education Act.

If you are planning a family holiday we do recommend that you make arrangements for during school holidays. However, if your plans involve your family going away on holidays during the school term please discuss your travel plans with the Principal beforehand so that together, we may come up with a plan to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on valuable educational lessons.

Leaving School Grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time unless there is a note from the parents to the Principal or classroom teacher. Parents, carers or an authorised person wishing to collect students during school hours must report to the administration office where they will be issued with a Leave Pass. This will ensure that appropriate adults are collecting children from the school. If parents require a friend to collect any child on their behalf, a signed note to this effect is required. This form should then be given to the Administration.

Accidents and Illness

Minor injuries or illness during the day are normally attended to at school.  In more serious cases, every effort is made to contact a parent to arrange for the child to be collected from school.  In extreme emergencies, the child may be taken directly to a doctor or hospital while contact with the parent is being established. Please ensure your emergency contact numbers are kept up to date.

Note:  A child who is sick is better off at home.  If a child becomes sick at school, all efforts will be made to communicate with parents / carers.  A courtesy call will be made to inform you if your child has been injured at school.


The Community Health Nurse visits the school for regular checks of students.  If anything requiring medical attention is noted, parents will be advised so appropriate action can be taken.


Based on the “Administration of Medication Policy and Procedures” supplied by the Department of Education, the school is obliged to comply with reasonable requests for assistance in the administration of medication.  Written documentation must be completed and is available from the office, they will provide the correct documents.  Individual teachers are not under any obligation to administer medication. An agreement must be negotiated.  The school is unable to administer non-prescribed medication.  Prescribed medication which is to be administered by staff will be stored safely.  All medication must be correctly labelled (name of drug, name of student, the dose and frequency).

Birthday Buckets

At Nollamara Primary School, to celebrate a students birthday, parents have the opportunity to purchase a Birthday Bucket through our canteen. The Birthday Bucket contains icy poles for all students in the class so they can all celebrate together.


Due to the increasing number of students who have Allergies / Anaphylaxis, we ask that no cakes or lollies be brought to school for birthday’s or school lunches. If you wish for your child to celebrate their birthday with their peers a ‘birthday bucket’ which contain icy poles for all students in the class can be purchased through the canteen.

Student Services

A school psychologist is part of the school that assists with learning and behavioural strategies.  Most referrals are made by teaching staff with parents’ consent prior to involvement.  Parents with concerns please see your child’s teacher. Our school psychologist is Mrs Lara Macleod.

Pastoral Care

The social and emotional well-being and mental health of the children at Nollamara Primary forms an integral part of our curriculum. Students participate in a range of activities that are designed to help students develop social skills and resiliency. These programs are further supported by our Commuity Support Worker Jody Rynski.

Custody Matters

Please provide in writing to the principal, a copy of any authorised custody and/or access restrictions for the child.  Our role is to support such arrangements.

Behaviour Management

Positive Behaviour Support
Nollamara Primary and Intensive English School is currently implementing the ‘Positive Behaviour Support’ (PBS) program. This shift is in line with current research and Department of Education policy.

Our PBS program defines, teaches and encourages a consistent school wide approach to foster a positive culture, through aspiring towards expected behaviours based on our shared values.

We refer to our shared values by the acronym REACH; Respect, Excellence, Acceptance, Compassion, Honesty.


Children are offered a variety of sporting and physical education activities.  Interschool sport fixtures are offered in second and third terms as well as swimming classes and athletics carnivals.  These are a compulsory part of the education program. There are three factions (Red, Waitj – Green, Yonga – Gold, Karda) and all children are placed in one of these factions.

If your child needs to be excluded from any of the following, a note from parent/carer must be provided:
(a) Physical Education
(b) In-term swimming lessons
(c) Daily fitness
(d) Other specific lessons


Nollamara Primary has an extensive library. A wide range of books and resources are available for both students and staff. Students from Kindergarten – Year 6 will have access to the library during allocated school hours which will be posted on the library entrance. Books and resources may be borrowed for up to seven days and may be renewed after that time. We encourage students to care for the books they borrow.


Homework at Nollamara Primary is designed to supplement, through revision, classroom learning outcomes and to foster parent involvement in their child’s education.  Early childhood teachers seek parental support with extra home reading (for pleasure).  Middle primary teachers usually request support in routine areas such as English (spelling, pleasure reading), minor project work and tables.  Upper primary teachers may ask for more formal type work.  The school’s homework policy has been developed in consultation with teachers and parents and has been endorsed by the School Council.


Swimming and water safety is an important part of life in Australia. In-term swimming classes are conducted each year for classes PP – Year 6.  All students are encouraged to attend all lessons.  Please contact the Principal if special circumstances prevent participation.


Assemblies will be conducted each fortnight on Friday morning. Classes will be invited to present to the community on a rotational basis. Merit awards and special presentations will be made during assembly. Parents and families are encouraged to stay after assembly for a coffee or tea with the host class. Please refer to our term planner for details of assemblies and classes presenting them.


School newsletters are sent home via Class Dojo and placed on the school website. We encourage you to read this for the latest information about our school and events. Some paper copies are available from the front office.


Students’ reports go home to parents in July and December.  Parents are invited to meet teachers to discuss individual reports.  Interpreters are available to support these meetings and can be booked through the front office.

Student Councillors

Student Councillors are elected each year to take up the role in Year 6.  Students are provided with leadership opportunities as well as other responsibilities include organising assembly set-up, planning school activities, raising the flag and welcoming guests to the school.

IPAD and Computer Policy

Students are requested to sign the policy at the start of each year and adhere to the school’s technology policy.

Voluntary Contributions

To enable the school to extend and enrich the educational opportunities available to your child, school contributions and charges are drawn up annually in advance of the new school year.  This enables parents to plan ahead.  The current fees have been set at $40 per child and parents are welcome to pay $10.00 per term.  The School Council has endorsed the “School Contributions and Charges” schedule, a copy of which is available from the office.

Personal Items

Students should not bring personal items such a jewellery, toys, games etc to school. Teachers cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to this property.

Mobile Phone Usage

The increased ownership of mobile phones requires that school administrators, teachers, students and parents take steps to ensure that mobile phones are used responsibly. At Nollamara Primary we have implemented a mobile phone policy designed to ensure that potential issues can be identified and addressed, ensuring the benefits that mobile phones provide (such as safety) can continue to be enjoyed by our students. We ask that students hand their mobile phones in at the front office, switched off and collect at the end of the day. Staff are also requested not to use their phones during instruction time.


If you wish to speak with a staff member about your child/ren, please contact the school to make an appointment. Interpreters can be used to assist families who speak a language other than English.

P & C

P&C meetings are held during school terms.  The P&C work hard to raise funds for additional resources for the school.  They are always looking for new members.  The AGM is held in Term 1 each year where a new committee is appointed.

School Council

The School Board provides school staff and the community with opportunities to work together to formulate the school’s educational objectives and priorities through the school development planning process.

Parent Involvement

All parents are supported by the school and encouraged to take an active part in their child’s learning.  Nollamara Primary takes pride in its flexible and engaging programs, and its multicultural environment.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in the many activities happening at the school.  An active involvement in school life is important because parents play a vital part in the total education of their children.  Parents are welcome to join in the following: Parent’s and Citizen’s Association, School Council, in the classroom, events including excursions, sports carnivals, assemblies etc.

Dental Therapy Centre

This service is provided free to children.  The dentist is located at Dianella Primary College and they may be contacted on 9345 0330. Enrolment in the scheme is voluntary and children will only be treated if parental consent has been given.

Out of School Care

Kosy Kids operate a before and after school care program on school site out of the under cover area for children aged 4 years and above. The hours of operation are 6.30 am to 9.00 am for before school care and 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm for after school care. If you would be interested in this service please contact Jeanne Hannivig-Jones for more information at or on 0410 317 811.


To conform with Department of Education requirements and for general safety reasons the school has an evacuation procedure. It is a requirement that we have evacuation drills on a regular basis to ensure an effective process is in place in the event of an actual evacuation.

Grounds & Security

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure children are kept away from the school buildings outside of school hours. If you notice any unlawful or suspicious activity in or around the school grounds during school hours, please contact the office or if it is after hours please call School Security on 9264 4771 to make a report. Smoking is not permitted on any Education Department property, this includes the school grounds. We encourage parents not to use offensive language whilst on school grounds.


Parents dropping off or picking up children by car should use Harrison Street and Mayfair Street.  For student safety, parents must not drive into or park in school grounds.  Please observe all signs, and do not park in the bus bays on Mayfair or Harrison Streets, or on the verges.

Road Safety

Please cross Nollamara Avenue at the designated manned safety crossing.


Dogs are not allowed on school property, even on a lead.  Parents are asked to see that pets do not follow children to school where they can become a nuisance and sometimes a danger.  Where dogs create a problem, it is referred to the City of Stirling Ranger.


In conjunction with the Department of Education this school supports the fact that children should not ride their bicycles to school without being accompanied by a responsible adult, until reaching the age of nine.  We strongly urge students to lock their bicycles to the bike rack provided. Students need to wear a helmet for safety reasons and as required by law.

Nollamara Primary School

Progress with Pride

Respect · Excellence · Acceptance · Compassion · Honesty

Absentee Form

Any absences need to be advised to the school. Please complete the form if your child will be away from school