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Nollamara Primary School

At Nollamara Primary School we use evidence based teaching strategies, whole school approaches and programs as well as instructional routines from Kindergarten to year 6 including those in the Intensive English Centre (IEC) from English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) backgrounds.

We are proudly the Alumni of the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program. Participation in this program has resulted in whole school practices being embedded in every classroom, with evidence-based educational research driving out our short and long term planning documents, linking to our School Business Plan.

Our culture at Nollamara Primary School is one that has high expectations when it comes to the standards of our teaching, which results in positive impacts on students learning and success for all. Our staff are motivated to sue data-informed, evidenced-based practices. Staff design and implement engaging, interesting and collaborative learning program which cater for the needs of all students included those with EAL/D and others requiring intervention and extension.


At Nollamara Primary School, our literacy curriculum is designed to encompass Scarborough’s Reading Rope. The five essential skills for reading at NPS include Phonemic and Phonological awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

We implement structured synthetic phonics as a component of a high-quality early literacy program. Programs used include Michael Heggerty’s Phonemic Awareness, Jo Fitzpatrick’s Phonemic Awareness. Sounds-Write is an evidence based synthetic phonics program and our writing program at NPS is The Writing Revolution and Seven Steps for Writing Success.

Comprehension and vocabulary are taught through morphology and etymology with teachers from years 1-6 implement the Reaching Science in Schools Morphology Scope and Sequence.


As part of the Curriculum, mathematics is taught across all levels and modified to meet the specified areas.

Mathematics Daily reviews are taught five days a week and revise

  1. Number recognition
  2. Operations
  3. Basic facts scope and sequence
  4. Place Value
  5. Maths vocabulary
  6. Previously taught concepts and skills
  7. Problems solving (bar model)

At the beginning of every mathematics lesson, students complete a set of mental maths questions in the Mental Maths text book.

At Nollamara Primary School we use Prime Maths program. PRIME is a highly sequenced and scaffolded Mathematics program implemented from K- Year 6.

HASS (Humanities & Social Science)

HASS is a subject which is immensely important to teaching our students that the world is a large and ever-changing place which we are all a part of. HASS is a very exciting subject at Nollamara Primary School as we have such a diverse background of cultures with students who have come from all over the world. These students bring a wealth of knowledge with them from their home countries and teach their fellow peers new ways of thinking and doing things.  Inquisitive is used to inform teachers planning to develop rich, deep and joyful lessons and at the same time sequentially builds skills and competencies.

Our students are taught important research skills which encourage them to find reliable and evidence-based information to support their research topic. Throughout this subject our students are using literacy and numeracy skills, applying critical and creative thinking along with being mindful of ethical understanding.


With the world ever-changing with its technological advances, it is essential to ensure our students are taught how to use technology safely and responsibly so they can apply this in real life situation.

At Nollamara Primary School we ensure our staff and students have access to a wide range of devices and technology. This includes; iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards which are used across all curriculum areas, meaning students are consistently exposed to developing and improving technology skills.

The Arts

Teacher - Mrs Regina Eccleston-Wirth

Nollamara Primary School have a wonderful Visual Arts program which gives our students the opportunity to express their artistic talents and knowledge. The teacher, Mrs Regina Eccleston-Wirth has created a curriculum which is exciting and engaging for our students from year one to year six.


Teacher - Mr Simon Campbell

Our wonderful music teacher Mr Simon Campbell is an enthusiastic and outgoing member of our teaching team who is always encouraging our students to strive to be the best version of themselves. Our music program runs for students from pre-primary to year six and is designed to encourage our students to participate, improvise and identify the purpose and meaning behind the music we play and listen to in a fun and engaging manner.

Physical Education

Teacher - Mr Daniel Gollan

Our Phys Ed teacher Mr Daniel Gollan, is extremely enthusiastic about sport and delivers the most fun and engaging sport program to our students here at Nollamara Primary School. Our sports program is designed to give our students from pre-primary to year 6 the opportunity to learn and participate in a range of different activities which enhance their fundamental movement skills. Students learn a range of different sports and are taught the importance trying your best and showing sportsmanship to fellow competitors.


Teacher - Mrs Kate Van der Beeke

We are so privileged at Nollamara Primary School, to have our dedicated science teacher Mrs Kate Van der Beeke, who teachers our wonderful pre-primary to year 6 students the subject of Science. Our Science program is designed to spark an interest in our students and provide them with a means of expanding their curiosity and inclination of exploring the biological, physical and technical world in which we live.

Languages - French

Teacher - Mrs Laura Hunter

At Nollamara Primary School our students in years three to six have the incredible opportunity to learn the language French. Students are taught by the amazing Mrs Laura Hunter to speak, read and write in French. Students have the opportunity to explore and learn the French culture and lifestyle through this interactive and engaging subject.

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